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Sensory Me is a unique fun, inclusive. safe and clean environment for you to play, relax and learn in.

It is open to everyone and is sensory friendly and fully accessible to all.

Jennifer and her family have been welcoming people to Sensory Me since 2019, from the youngest to the oldest visitor there is something for everyone.
Sensory Me can be booked privately for individuals or groups of adults or children.
For children only we have Open Play Sessions you can join anytime they are on booking is always advised.


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Soft Play Area

Our soft play area is not just for younger children. there is a slide, steps, mini trampoline, swing, mirror cave and a tactile wall.

Benefits of our soft play include helping motor skills - crawling, walking, climbing and navigating obstacles. It is a safe area to help develop imagination and social skills in a relaxed environment.

Climbing wall and Rope Climb

Our climbing wall is bright and inviting and has the clouds above as an incentive to climb up and reach the sky, the same for the rope climb reaching the top or as close as you can gives a real sense of achievement.

It is a very tactile activity and its not easy for most, it is challenging.

It helps to increase activity and develop the vestibular system (balancing)

Interactive Areas

We have lots to interact with, our walls make noises when you touch them! Step on the coloured floor piano to make music and other noises.

Use your hands to change the wall colours.

Our sensory room is completely interactive with sound and touch.

For every action there is a reaction in these areas.

Interactive Floor Mat


One of the favourites at Sensory Me is our floor mat and mirrors. Immersive yourself in a game or relax and splash in the water without getting wet!

It is truly accessible to everyone, standing, sitting, crawling, wheeling or lying down the sensor will pick up all movements, help develop cause and effect and is so much fun.

Immersive Room

Sit back in one of our amazing bean bag chairs or a chair if you prefer.

Relax and immerse yourself on a journey to a beach, under the sea or maybe on a hot air balloon.

If you prefer a more active adventure try a rollercoaster ride or motor bike race.

There are lots of nursery rhymes, songs, and all kinds of videos to choose from.

We will tailor to anything you want!

Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room includes a bubble tube, light board, sounds board, infinity wall, touch wall, lights, sounds and projector. All are interactive and changeable.

Benefits from sensory rooms are massive for everyone and include -

  • Provide a relaxing/ calming place

  • Can be a source of stimulation

  • Improves Sensory Development

  • Increases focus

  • Helps to improve motor skills

  • Increases cognitive development

The Sensory Room is accessible to all and suitable for adults and children alike.

sensory-me-roscommon-ball pool-lights.jp
Sensory Ball Pool

Not just a ball pool! Our clean safe ball pool is surrounded by padding and look up to see our led lights and mirror. Watch as the balls change colour or stay the same if you prefer.

Its a fun place to play, a calm place to lie back and relax.

Work on gross and fine motor skills in here without realising it.

Resting and eating area

When you are having so much fun you may need somewhere to sit and rest.

We have plenty of tables and chairs for children and adults to sit and have a break.

Bring along food and drinks to eat whilst you are here if you wish.

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